In June, 2013, I was a Finalist in Hoboken's Annual Frank Sinatra Contest. Here's the audio clip that got me into the finals.  Fly Me to the Moon

But, I am actually a trained legit theater baritone (A2-G4).

I LOVE musical theater character roles. Here below are few demo audition clips recorded and posted between May 1st, 2014 and now. I apologize for the audio. It's all my tablet can do. These will all be redone as soon as I can afford that.

This is from Les Miz, the duplicitous innkeeper Thenardier.

Mmmm . . . why am I attracted to unsavory but ridiculous characters like that and also, this next one, from the Pulitzer Prize winning musical, "Fiorello"? A corrupt city official is on the witness stand trying to explain his prosperity to a very skeptic judge.

The above characters lack a sense of human vulnerability and reality outside their own petty crimes - as if they are drawn in a cartoon but will never grow to reality. They have a 2-dimensional quality about them. That may be the basis of their theatricality.

But the characters below are real people with emotional range we can love and empathize with.

The first is the Grandfather (Arvide) from Guys and Dolls who counsels his granddaughter Sarah about finding a man worthy of her.

This next one is "Joe" - the frustrated baseball fan  - who offers his soul to the devil in exchange for becoming the 22-year-old baseball phenomenon who can beat the  Damn Yankees in the World Series.

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