Click on any image to enlarge it. If you want a hard copy on glossy paper, please use the Contact form and include your postal address. It will be sent overnight mail to any USA destination. This is my current headshot - click it to enlarge, (by Dan Martinez). joe harkins headshot January 2015 The Santa shot below is seasonal - limited to December work in corporate events (see SantaMyParty.com). The beard comes off on the morning of January 1st. santa_headshot_westudio_01   These next two images were taken September 10, 2014. The beard was encouraged to grow. By late October, I was shooting a video commercial as Santa here. Joe-483--1200px-optimed-name   Joe-350-cropped-optimized OLDER IMAGES BELOW - the ponytail in some of them is gone as of Aug15th, 2014.  This biz suit shot is completely un-retouched (except to remove a distracting background). Joe_Harkins_1               harkins-joe_head_business                   1-Seaside_Hieghts_NJ_May_2010Joe-483--1200px-optimed-nameJoe-350-cropped-optimized-portrait