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Some clips below are from indie films made for festivals.

Some are trailers for full-length feature films. Some are student projects from one of NY's film schools. Some are silent. I especially enjoy working silent films because the medium is both a challenge and an opportunity to explore acting skills.

I keep a separate web site for my seasonal work as a "real- beard Santa Claus." Here's that link.

Here's a 37 second audition for a role in a project that is in "turn around." The Director said not to worry about how I'm dressed. So I'm wearing my "brand."

Another ReelArc clip. Grandson visits Grandpa in the nursing home.

This next clip (2:20)  is from an audition based on a drama, "Becky Has Issues."



This audition for the Red Queen was shot whilst I was visiting family in Sydney, AU, hence my reader's accent. I was offered the role but I would have had to cut short my visit with the grandchildren.

This just in from our newsroom. It's a raw clip from "A New Age," a "docu-drama" made of for Korean distribution. Walter Cronkite is the obvious inspiration. The pauses are to allow post production to edit in some faux newsreel footage while I go to Voice Over and back again. And here's an interview from a promotional video that includes post-production. "Magic Grandpa" I love working with little or no dialogue. It's called acting. here's one of my favorites. Historic note - this next clip includes the final appearance of my many-years-old pony-tail and eons-old mustache. They both died as the result of an unprovoked assault by a razor-wielding maniac.  Dry Me Crazy - Clothes are stolen at the laundry. Shot February 2015 in Brooklyn. Ethan Corn directing. EULOGY This was a very satisfying project, largely because it was such a privilege to work with a team brimming with talent. It was shot one Saturday night, late summer 2014, at a bus stop in Brooklyn, while the world moved past us. Because it was a bit of a pirate project (no permits, no police security, etc) we were delighted with the cinema verite ambiance we were able to create without one single moment of hassle from people stepping into the frame during the entire 6/7 hours we were there.  Robbie and Maggie - This is set in a nursing home, actually a set in an NYC-Tisch studio. Robbie is slipping into dementia but Maggie, a staff member, loves him. Management is intent on breaking up the relationship before a wealthy investor, sampling the nursing home's food, is aware of how serious that relationship already has become. The Stranger - (Selected for New Haven International Film Festival - premiere March 28, 2014). This is a raw clip shot in October, 2013. An old man is living alone, in a remote cabin. A stranger arrives during a raging blizzard. In this scene, the stranger has just asked what seems to be a casual question about the old man's wife. We already know she died in an accident caused by the old man's DUI. During the uncomfortable silence that follows his attempt to change the subject, the stranger pulls out a gun and puts it in our character's face (off frame). The stranger's identity and purpose are revealed. More than one person died in that accident. Night Falls Fast - We are in an empty beach bar - off season at the Jersey shore. Picking up strange women can be more dangerous than a garrulous old drunk realizes - until it's too late. PTSD - William, a old veteran, is suffering nightmares in which his dead combat buddy, Jack, confronts him. He has no conscious recollection of how Jack died. William only knows what he was told after weeks in a coma. They had been on patrol. An enemy hand grenade went off, leaving with William with a head wound. a coma, and serious memory supression. Under hypnosis, he recovers the truth about Jack's death . The Youth - A smarmy, clueless Funeral Director is trying to sell a "modern package" to a bereaved and angry youth who has just lost his father.  The lighting could be better, but I think I made the character appropriately oily and bumbling Old Eyes - As he confronts his failing eyesight, this man becomes bitter, angry and frightened. Even his dinner plate and old photos are blurry. At a moment of crisis, he realizes that the blurred vision has also erased years from his wife's face. Two Prisoners of Parkinson'sA young man is his ailing father's only care giver. Both are being slowly ground down by the situation. Barber Shop A silent short. If you should ever wonder what I looked like in a mustache and pony tail, and a big gut, this is the place to look.  Barbershop from Grace Surnow on Vimeo.